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° Trail of Dalmatian ancestors

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An adrenaline-fueled, historically adventurous trip that includes the village of Makar in Biokovo, Big Hill and Bast. Each of these three places is historically developed in a unique way and connection by an extreme panoramic path, along which it stretches all the time view of the Adriatic Sea, the islands of Brac, Hvar, Korcula, the Peljesac peninsula, on Makarska Riviera.

  • Makar - a historical place from the 4th century after which the present town of Makarska was named
  • Veliko brdo - Žlib the highest point we climb, as much as 780 m above sea level; Church of St. Michael over 400 years old; protected
  • Bast - a place from ancient times Biston; all the way filled with panoramic views of the islands, the Adriatic Sea and full of unique flora and fauna of this unique Mediterranean area
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Makarska Unimog Experience Team has designed for you an attractive adrenaline and adventure program that you can experience in the beautiful areas of Veliko Brdo, Basta and Makra, small under Biokovo villages located in the southern part of the Biokovo Nature Park. The adventure begins in the small town of Makar, which is believed to be named after today's Makarska. The first inhabitants of this area were the Illyrians who founded it in the 4th century and named it Muccurum (Macrum). Interestingly, Muccurum was first built by the Romans and soon in 532 the city reached such a population and wealth that Bishop Honorius III. granted the honor of being the seat of the Catholic diocese. This area was historically under the rule of the Ottoman Empire, the Venetian Republic, the Habsburg Monarchy, but the greatest influence on the development of the place, and especially at that time the roads that were a small architectural marvel was Napoleon Bonaparte. We will drive along some of these roads and also see the Stone Pyramid - an obelisk called Napoleon's monument, which was erected in 1808 in honor of Napoleon's Marshal Marmont in charge of the development of this area. After Makar, our adventure climbs to 780 m above sea level in the small town of Veliko Brdo, which is located above Makarska. The place was first mentioned in 1571 together with other places on the Makarska coast during the victory of the Christian army against the Turks near Lepanto, while the Church of St. Michael in Žlib, which is on our adventure trip, was first mentioned 400 years ago in the report of Inspector Osman-aga. . Further on in our adventure, the road takes us to Bast, a small town that dates back to ancient times when it was called Biston. On this road, which is located in the southern part of the Biokovo Nature Park, there is a beautiful panoramic view of the Adriatic Sea, the towns of Makarska Riviera, the city of Split, the islands of Brac, Hvar, Korcula, Peljesac peninsula, and with a little luck and good weather our overseas neighbor Italy. The road is full of historical sights that you will experience in its original guise, such as the Church of St. Roka from the 15th century, the Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary from 1636, as well as the tombstones of Illyrian princes - Tumula, which are a common feature of the Iron Age in which were buried specially selected deserving members of the then communities. Along with all these cultural sights along the way, you will meet the diverse flora and fauna of this clean and original Mediterranean area. Although the mountain was barren at first glance, without too much life, numerous animal species were found on it, including 87 species of insect beetles, as many as 221 species of butterflies, some of the rare species of birds such as golden eagles, rabbits, wolves, foxes, wild pigs, chamois and mouflon, but also several species of snakes, the most famous of which is the viper as the most venomous snake in E

What's included
  • Pick up service
  • Cold non-alcohol drink
  • Cold Aperitiv
  • Dalmatian indigenous delicacies
  • Tour guide
Useful tips
  • Take with you only a few things for a trip ( only what you need) and put the sporty clothes on because od the trip nature
  • Take light clothes with because of the heat and a long sleeve shirt because of the possible cold on the mountain, sport shoes and sun protection ( sun cream with SPF, hat)
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  • - | Pickup | Podgora, Centar bus station
  • - | Pickup | Tučepi, Hotel Alga/Afrodita
  • - | Pickup | Brela. Soline
  • - | Pickup | Brela
  • - | Pickup | Tučepi, Centar bus station
  • - | Pickup | Tučepi, Kamena bus station
  • - | Pickup | Brela, Hotel Berulia
  • - | Pickup | Tučepi, Hotel Jadran/Neptun
  • - | Pickup | Baška Voda, Hotel Slavia
  • - | Pickup | Makarska, Hotel Romana
  • - | Pickup | Makarska, Hotel Dalmacija
  • - | Pickup | Makarska, Hotel Meteor
  • - | Starting point | Makarska, Osejava - Centar
  • - | Pickup | Veliko Brdo
  • - | Station | Makar (Muccurum) Illyrian place from the 4th centu
  • - | Station | Veliko Brdo - 450 years old place located at 780m
  • - | Station | Žlib - Off Road enriched with a panoramic view
  • - | Station | Tumuli - tombstones of Illyrian princes from the I
  • - | Station | Cold drink, domestic wine and Dalmatian delicacies
  • - | Station | Spectacular photopoint - Swing on a cliff facing t
  • - | Station | View of the largest vineyard of the Plavac Mali
  • - | Station | Smokvina - a place for free climbers who love conq
  • - | Station | Napoleon Obelisk
  • - | End point | Makarska Centar
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